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“French Bukkake” case: a new indictment

An X film actor has been indicted, in particular for gang rape, as part of the investigation in Paris on the "French Bukkake" video platform, in which around forty victims have joined as civil parties.

BDSM Normalized Abuse In My Last Relationship. What I Wish Every Woman Would Know

"Erotic asphyxiation should be as much of an oxymoron as erotic brain damage, because brain damage is the potential result." "I’d like to understand why “kink” is something that cannot be criticized or questioned, especially when the BDSM community is rife with abusers and women with stories like mine."

Actor and producer Rick Angel taken into custody in massive rape case

16/11/2022 - 15h51 According to information from the Parisian, Guillaume F., better known as an actor and producer in the world of porn under the name Rick Angel, was placed in police custody in the "French Boukkake" case. Passed by Sciences-Po Grenoble, he had also worked as an adviser to the Ministry of the Interior.

Jacquie and Michel: A former ministerial adviser who became a porn actor, involved in a dark affair

Control, rape and violence: we are far from the bonhomie claimed by the amateur porn site Jacquie et Michel. In the sights of justice, the boss is faced with sordid stories by several women revealed in "Le Parisien" and in "Le Monde". A name also surfaces, that of Rick Angel, porn actor, formerly ministerial adviser...

Alabama mother sues Pornhub parent company over video of 12-year-old being molested

Published: Nov. 14, 2022, 9:53 a.m. A Greenville woman is suing the parent company of Pornhub after a video of her 12-year-old child being sexually assaulted was viewed hundreds of thousands of times on the site.

Porn Industry Commits Extensive Trafficking, Rape, and Exploitation, French Senate Report Reveals

Trigger warning: The following article contains descriptions of abuse and exploitation that may be disturbing to some. Reader discretion advised.

French Porn Actors Charged With Rape In Country First

Four French porn actors have been charged with rape in what has been described as a historic first for the country’s adult film industry. The actors have been taken into custody one year after women in the industry began speaking up about having experienced harassment and abuse. In what is regarded as a significant turning point for the industry’s #MeToo movement, investigators have identified at least 50 survivors, as told to AFP by a source familiar with the investigation.

The Porn Industry Is Abusive, and These Women Are Telling It Like It Is

Holly Madison, Rashida Jones’ Hot Girls Wanted, and Miriam Weeks (aka Belle Knox) shed light on a misunderstood phenomenon.

Duke University Porn Star Who Said "Porn Is Empowering" Reveals Sad Truth

Belle Knox, the infamous Duke University porn star, is in a documentary where she discusses the realities of her life in porn and her true self, Miriam Weeks, who chose this as her profession to pay her way through college. It’s a story from last August yet it’s still relevant because the underlying truth of the industry is still the same. As her alter-ego, Belle Knox, Miriam has spent her first year in the porn industry touting her beliefs that porn is “empowering,” “freeing” and “the way the world should be.” She also portrays her choice in finding a way to fund her tuition and graduate free of debt as something akin to noble in the documentary. However, the realities of Miriam’s life choice clearly weigh heavy on her.

Suzzan Blac discusses her life, trauma and extraordinary art

This is an edited transcript of the first part of Suzzan Blac’s talk at the ‘An evening with Suzzan Blac’ webinar we held in July 2021 and the related discussion with Ygerne Price-Davies. The transcript of the second part of the talk, which was about her research into pornography, is in a separate article. You can watch the recording of the whole talk on YouTube. Introduction I am a survivor of child sexual abuse, sexual assaults, numerous rapes and sex trafficking. This had been my life. My normal. So normal, that I didn’t even realise that I had been abused and been a victim for the majority of my childhood. I only began to acknowledge and understand this in my mid-twenties. I finally sought counselling when I was thirty-three years old. Recovery was extremely traumatic and it took me more than twenty years to overcome the worst of it. One of the reasons it took so long to recover, was the victim blaming that many people inflicted upon me. In my experience, victim blaming is as painful and distressing as the abuse itself. Between 2000 and 2004, in order to try and help myself, I decided to paint my story of abuse to help me process my pain, anger and trauma. I began by drawing subconscious doodles whilst watching TV, as I knew that these drawings had to come from deep inside of me and not my thoughts. I then turned the drawings into realistic paintings that depicted ‘me the victim’ and ‘the perpetrators’.

Pornography as crime scene videos: Suzzan Blac discusses her Pornhub research

This is an edited transcript of the second part of Suzzan Blac’s talk at the ‘An evening with Suzzan Blac’ webinar we held in July 2021 and the subsequent discussion with Ygerne Price-Davies. The transcript of the first part of the talk, which was about her extraordinary paintings, is in a separate article. You can watch the recording of the whole talk on YouTube. Of all the harms done to girls and women, pornography is the most damaging and far-reaching, affecting not just the victims within the porn industry, but also women and girls outside of it.

France: Support the Case Against the Jacquie et Michel Porn Empire

Three French feminist organisations - Osez le Féminisme!, Le Mouvement du Nid, and Les Effronté.es - are delighted that following their campaigning, the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office has decided to open a preliminary investigation against the company "Jacquie et Michel" for aggravated pimping and rape. In the face of the flood of testimonies, this trial will be, thanks to the mobilisation of all of us and the courage of the women who are speaking out, a trial against the criminal system that is the "pornographic industry", an opportunity to hear the survivors of this extreme male violence, and a chance to denounce and put an end to the impunity of pornocrats.

Why You Should Document Abuse

Your records may be allowed as evidence in court. Keeping a diary of domestic violence incidents—both physical and non-physical—may seem like the last type of record a survivor would like to collect. The truth is, this type of documentation can be an integral part of your case when it comes time to file charges, file for divorce or file for custody of your children.

Do Survivors Lie?

False allegations of domestic violence are rampant ... or are they? Google “false allegations of domestic violence” and a litany of defense attorneys and men’s rights groups would have you believe that nearly every person who reports domestic violence is lying. One site even suggests some 70 percent of restraining orders are trivial or false. The article cites a study that concludes 60 percent (not 70 percent as the article proclaimed) of restraining orders are unnecessary or based on false allegations of abuse. But how the “study” got to that number is by discarding any petition for a restraining order that didn’t include actual or threatened physical violence. As any domestic violence advocate or prosecutor will tell you, domestic violence doesn’t only include physical abuse. Other forms of abuse are often predecessors of physical violence, such as stalking, threats or coercive control.

“Am I In Porn?”: This Tool Searches Porn Sites to See if Your Images are Used in Videos

JULY 19, 2022 - Created by a German AI company called deepXtech UG, “Am I In Porn?” is a search engine that exists to help you find out if you appear on porn sites. 1 in 8. According to research by the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), a nonprofit organization that offers services to victims of cyberbullying and cyber harassment, 1 in 8 is the number of social media-using survey respondents who said that they themselves had been victims of nonconsensual porn, also known as image-based sexual abuse. And another 1 in 20 even admitted to having shared a sexually graphic image of another person without their consent.

Real Rape Videos Reportedly Continually on World’s Most Popular Porn Site

AUGUST 8, 2022 XVideos reportedly receives over 3.3 billion site visits per month. The site also reportedly hosts nonconsensual content like real rape and abuse videos. The site also reportedly still hosts real rape tapes and abuse videos, according to a recent report by a German media company. This isn’t the first time XVideos has been reviewed and called out for illegal and illicit content—this scathing review was just published due to the countless sexually violent videos on its website. The review came from, a Berlin-based media company whose mission is to increase internet digital freedom and openness.

Recovering from Rape and Sexual Trauma

Recovering from sexual assault takes time, and the healing process can be painful. But you can regain your sense of control, rebuild your self-worth, and learn to heal. The aftermath of rape and sexual trauma Sexual violence is shockingly common in our society. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 1 in 5 women in the U.S. are raped or sexually assaulted at some point in their lives, often by someone they know and trust. In some Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries, that figure is even higher. And sexual assault isn’t limited to women; many men and boys suffer rape and sexual trauma each year.

Complex PTSD (CPTSD) in Teen Girls after Sexual Assault: Diagnosis and Treatment

Sexual assault is a crime that affects millions of people in the U.S. The emotional and psychological consequences of sexual assault can cause severe, lifelong impairment. We’ll discuss these consequences and the details of the impairments below, but it’s important, first, for all members of the general public to understand that sexual assault can affect typical physical, psychological, and emotional development, degrade relationships, reduce cognitive function, and have a negative impact on academic performance, employment, decision-making, self-esteem, social functioning, and overall wellbeing.

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Visa From PornHub Child Pornography Lawsuit

A California district judge has ruled that payment giant VisaV -0.4%V -0.4% must remain a defendant in a child pornography lawsuit against MindGeek, the owner of multiple porn websites, including Pornhub. The case against MindGeek and Visa is brought by Serena Fleites, who was 13-years-old in 2014 when an explicit video of her first appeared on Fleites’ boyfriend at the time had taken the video and posted it without her consent. MindGeek distributed the video among various websites it owned, earning revenue from advertisements appearing alongside it. Visa is at the center of website transactions, processing payments between advertisers and MindGeek. Fleites alleges that Visa and its agent banks continued to process transactions connected with child pornography despite being aware of the illegal content on MindGeek websites.

Four GirlsDoPorn Operators Have Now Pleaded Guilty to a Sex Trafficking Conspiracy. Another Is Still on the Lam.

Jul 28th, 2022. A San Diego, California, man who filmed young women in sex acts that he secretly published on pornographic websites has pleaded guilty to a coercion scheme that could send him to federal prison for at least a decade. Matthew Isaac Wolfe, 40, is the fourth person connected to the GirlsDoPorn and GirlsDoToys websites to admit a criminal sex trafficking conspiracy that a prosecutor said “had a devastating impact on the victims.” He faces 11 to 14 years in prison under a plea agreement detailed in court this week that describes his years a porn-focused cameraman who filmed about 100 videos over seven years, mostly at hotels and rentals in San Diego County, while managing the website’s finances and related businesses.

“Trans Porn” Creators Sentenced Over Sadistic Sexual Abuse of 7-Year-Old Girl

A trans-identified male has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after forcing his 7-year-old daughter to participate in the creation of child sexual abuse material. Marina Volz, born Matthew, was arrested in 2019 after the New Jersey Department of Child Protection became aware he was creating pornography in a home where a child resided. The child was removed from the premises, and a lengthy investigation into the residents of the property began. Four adults were arrested including Volz, who is the child’s father.

Fetish porn producer sentenced to four years for obscenity over extreme bestiality videos

Ira Isaacs, 61, of California, found guilty of five federal charges last April Jurors forced to watch hours of graphic, sexual footage during long-running trial. An adult film producer has been sentenced to four years in prison after selling fetish porn featuring bestiality and human excrement. Ira Isaacs, 61, was jailed on Wednesday after being convicted on five counts of felony obscenity by a jury last April in Los Angeles.

How Seeking Arrangement is Taking Advantage of Vulnerable People During COVID-19

Amid worldwide economic uncertainty due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Seeking Arrangement is doing better than ever, leeching off of the vulnerable. Seeking Arrangement is a sugar dating website that describes itself as creating “relationships on your terms;” terms which the website conveniently does not explicitly define, placing themselves in the gray area of facilitating online commercial sexual exploitation. But, in most cases, “sugar dating” is just another term for prostitution. Research has found that “the majority of sugar dating and other similar sex for money ‘mutually beneficial arrangements’ are illegal, as they are forms of prostitution, and state prostitution statutes should reflect this reality, regardless of the wealth of the parties involved.” Seeking Arrangement’s facilitation of sugar dating is taking advantage of socioeconomically vulnerable populations amid COVID and the student debt crisis.

The Owner of Pornhub Revealed—And Why It Matters

Last winter, the world of online pornography was rocked when Pornhub and parent company MindGeek were revealed as complicit, willing hosts to a countless number of videos containing child sexual abuse material and victims of trafficking. Since then, the pornography industry has continued to crumble as: major credit card companies pulled their payments off the affiliated websites, MindGeek executives faced hearings before Canadian Parliament, hundreds of survivors and experts called for further investigation, several lawsuits were filed, and just recently, major company Comcast removed all content owned by MindGeek from its cable systems.

“It seems to me that Bernd Bergmair represents something that’s dangerous in today’s internet economy. He represents the ability of a company to prioritize clicks over safety, profit over transparency.”

First MindGeek Site Scheduled to Shut Down

XTube, a prominent pornography website with 10.77 million online visits in May 2021 alone, has announced it is shutting down effective September 5th. XTube, operated similarly to Pornhub and much of the pornography industry, allows videos to be uploaded with no meaningful verification of age or consent.

INTERPOL’s Unique Position to Investigate MindGeek

Global advocates are being asked to help call on INTERPOL to instigate international criminal investigations into MindGeek by signing a joint letter. INTERPOL, particularly with its Global Complex for Innovation, is in the unique position to coordinate international investigations and cooperation into the organized crime currently taking place on pornography websites owned by MindGeek.

The Tidal Wave of Lawsuits Facing Pornography Producers

This civil case was jointly filed by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center, The Haba Law Firm, and DiCello Levitt Gutzler on behalf of a sex trafficking victim against her trafficker, as well as the pornography studios and websites that knowingly profited from her sex trafficking. Since this case was filed last September, many more brave survivors of the abusive pornography industry have come forward, with as many as 8 cases filed against pornography websites and production studios and even more coming on the horizon. The fight against an industry built on exploitation and abuse is growing and moving swiftly forward. We commend Jane Doe for her courage, her sacrifice, and her example in bringing this case to hold her exploiters accountable and prevent other women from suffering as she has. On this one-year anniversary, we want to remind you of what this case is about, give you a quick update on its progress, and drive home the importance of bringing these kinds of cases to court. Civil litigation is a long process, but there have been key updates that prove the case is moving forward, bringing hope to not only Jane Doe but the countless others just like her.

Pornhub Pornography Empire is Crumbling

A mass exodus is underway at Pornhub’s owner, MindGeek, as the CEO, COO, and a number of staffers (some reports say as many as 70% of employees) have left the company. MindGeek is the privately held Canadian company that owns and runs some of the largest pornography websites, including Pornhub. These dramatic changes are happening in the wake of lawsuits, loss of ad revenue, and government scrutiny led by The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) and its allies.

Internet porn executives resign after revelations the company’s sites hosted underage videos

The top executives of the controversial porn site company Mindgeek, which is embroiled in legal action by alleged child trafficking victims, have resigned. The chief executive and chief operating officer of MindGeek, which owns the adult sex websites Pornhub and YouPorn, have stepped down after more than a decade running operations. Feras Antoon, the CEO, and David Tassillo, the COO, will remain shareholders, MindGeek told Variety.

Timeline: Sex Assault Allegations Against Adult Film Star Ron Jeremy

Adult film star Ron Jeremy faces charges of rape and sexual assault dating from 1996 to 2020, authorities allege. Jeremy, whose legal name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, was investigated and charged by a district attorney's task force formed to take on sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry as the #MeToo era gained momentum in late 2017. He has been held in jail since his arrest in June 2020. Jeremy has pleaded not guilty to the charges. An email seeking comment from his attorney, Stuart Goldfarb, was not returned. But Golfarb has said he is "innocent of all the charges" and they would prove it. Below is a timeline of the allegations.

A Message to Hunter Moore

Hello Hunter........It’s been nearly 10 years since I took over and shut down your despicable revenge porn site Sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully and I’m the first to admit that I intellectually bullied the ever-loving shit out of you. Your main stated objective was to "ruin" young girls' lives. Even after they indicated that they were going to commit suicide if their unauthorized naked images weren't removed from your website, you laughed in their faces. Are you still laughing now? You tried to destroy their lives, but instead, I intellectually destroyed yours. You received a masterclass in the fine art of social engineering.

Hunter Moore really has no regrets and is actually ‘proud’ of what he created despite backlash from The Most Hated Man on the Internet viewers

The Most Hated Man on the Internet viewers have been slamming Hunter Moore, also known as the ‘king of revenge porn’ after he was exposed in Netflix’s newest true crime series. However, despite all the backlash, Moore apparently has no regrets. The 36-year-old founded, a controversial ‘revenge porn’ website which let users submit photos and videos, that were mainly nudes or sexually explicit pictures. From underage girls to members of bands, hundreds of people were violated as their images were shared online, and along with the images were links to the social media accounts of those photographed.

’Mr. Dark’ krijgt 10 jaar cel en tbs voor extreme verkrachtingsvideo’s en het afpersen van tienermeisjes

ROTTERDAM - De rechtbank Rotterdam heeft de 35-jarige Michael M. – alias Mr. Dark - veroordeeld tot een gevangenisstraf van tien jaar en tbs met dwangverpleging voor verkrachting, het onder druk zetten van minderjarige meisjes om seksuele handelingen te verrichten voor de webcam, en het oproepen van mensen om video’s te maken van echte verkrachtingen, mishandelingen, afpersingen en seks met dieren. Hij beheerde websites op het darkweb waarop die extreem gewelddadige video’s te koop werden aangeboden. Video’s waarop zaken in scène werden gezet, accepteerde hij niet. Het moest echt zijn. Reden waarom hij bijvoorbeeld eiste dat vrouwen die werden misbruikt met het gezicht in beeld kwamen om de pijn en de tranen te kunnen zien.

‘Mr. Dark’ uit Barendrecht staat terecht voor gruwelporno: ‘De verkrachtingen moeten wel echt zijn, niet gespeeld’

De expliciete porno was in categorieën verdeeld: seks met dieren, verkrachting, slavernij, heimelijke filmpjes. Maar steeds één constante: vrouwen waren het slachtoffer. Het expliciete materiaal werd aangetroffen op de website De beheerder: Michael M. uit Barendrecht, alias Mr. Dark. De Amerikaanse recherche was hem op het spoor gekomen en deelde de informatie met de Nederlandse collega’s. Het bleek om veel materiaal te gaan, heel veel. Tientallen uren pornofilms, waarvan een aanzienlijk deel ‘strafrechtelijk van belang’. Zo ging 55 procent van het beeldmateriaal over verkrachtingen.

In Spanje wordt seks zonder toestemming strafbaar, wat betekent dat in de praktijk?

Seks zonder toestemming strafbaar, wat betekent dat in de praktijk? In Spanje kan een dader binnenkort ook voor verkrachting worden vervolgd als het slachtoffer zich niet heeft verzet. Het Lagerhuis in Madrid stemde donderdag in met een wetsvoorstel waardoor uitdrukkelijke instemming nodig is voor seks. Wat betekent dat in de praktijk. Moet ik in Spanje nu vooraf expliciet toestemming vragen? Niet per se. Wie seks wil, zal daarvoor vooraf toestemming moeten hebben, maar dat kan zowel in woord als ‘door middel van handelingen die, gezien de omstandigheden, duidelijk de wil van de persoon tot uitdrukking brengen’. De nieuwe wet moet ervoor zorgen dat zwijgen of passiviteit (bijvoorbeeld omdat het slachtoffer in shock raakt) niet meteen instemming betekent.

Under new child protection laws, porn websites such as Pornhub and xHamster are being banned in Germany.

Why? Because the site’s pretty much nonexistent cooperation in implementing proper age verification is why. Everyone is apparently ‘over 18’ just by clicking a button. 83 million Germans are soon going to be heartbroken. The proposed porn blocking order will allegedly be issued in the upcoming weeks by the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media.

Rechter: pornosite moet toestemming hebben voor plaatsen naaktbeelden

De rechtbank in Amsterdam deed vandaag uitspraak in een bodemprocedure die tegen de pornosite was aangespannen door de Stichting Stop Online Shaming (SOS) en HelpWanted, een advieslijn voor slachtoffers van online seksueel misbruik. De zaak gaat om naaktbeelden die stiekem gefilmd zijn, zoals in kleedkamers of pashokjes, of die in de privésfeer zijn gemaakt. Het bedrijf uit Leeuwarden dat de site exploiteert moet de video's die zonder toestemming zijn gepubliceerd binnen acht weken verwijderen, anders moet het een dwangsom van 10.000 euro betalen. De dwangsom kan oplopen tot 30.000 euro. Het verbod geldt niet voor overduidelijk professionele beelden.

Adult Film Industry and Human Rights Violations

There have been numerous reports of human rights abuse in the adult film industry. The inappropriate and rash themes such as ‘bondage’ and ‘sex slaves’ shown in the adult-movies have affected the lives of its actors and its viewers. Women are portrayed as enjoying forced-sex and enjoying being whipped, choked and beaten which indirectly promotes and normalizes rape culture. Various Human Rights treaties have conferred upon the mankind, various fundamental rights, which are inalienable. It is certain that the adult film industry has devastated its actors and has become a hub of trafficking. This article gets into the details of how the adult film industry has directly violated the human rights of its actors. The article further includes case laws and confessions from female porn actors who have acted in such movies. Other major issues i.e. child-pornography and human trafficking have also been dealt with.

What is Coercive Control?

Coercive control is a strategy some people use to dominate their intimate partners and maintain their privileges. It usually includes some combination of isolation, degradation, micromanagement, manipulation, stalking, physical abuse, sexual coercion, threats, and punishment. Not all of these tactics are always present. For instance, an abuser may use no physical violence and control his partner through other means. The concept of coercive control pulls it all together. Without it, we think about physical abuse and maybe emotional abuse—but it’s easy to miss a wide range of other controlling behaviors.

Porn producer Paul F. Little (Max Hardcore) sentenced to prison for online distribution

A producer of pornographic video known as Max Hardcore has been sentenced to 46 months in prison after a conviction on multiple obscenity offenses, including charges he transported obscene material over the Internet. Paul F. Little, 50, was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, the U.S. Department of Justice announced. In addition to the prison term, Judge Susan Bucklew ordered Little to pay a $7,500 fine and to forfeit all profits from the distribution of the films he was convicted of distributing. In addition, Little must give up the films and the domain names he used to distribute them, the DOJ said.

Dutch Authorities Seize Revenge Porn Site Anon-IB, Arrest Three Men

Dutch police force Politie has seized the anonymous message board Anon-IB, a major hub of revenge porn and harassment campaigns with servers based in the Netherlands, and charged three men with “computer intrusion and spreading nude photos.” According to a Dutch police statement, the site has been taken offline after young woman said revealing images from her cloud account had been stolen and released via the site in March 2017. Authorities launched a year-long investigation of the site that found the suspect in that case had a large repository of images stolen from other women, eventually determining that at least four suspects in the Netherlands were involved in a conspiracy to “gain access to email inboxes, social media accounts and digital storage places such as clouds” of “a few hundred women.”

Perspecticide: Erased by Your Partner

The harsh reality of "perspecticide" in a coercive control relationship. Living with an abusive and controlling partner can feel like living in a cult, except lonelier. Victims' own viewpoints, desires, and opinions may fade as they are overwhelmed by the abusers'. Over time, they may lose a sense that they even have a right to their own perspectives. This is called perspecticide; the abuse-related incapacity to know what you know (Stark, 2007). Perspecticide is often part of a strategy of coercive control that may include manipulation, stalking, gaslighting and physical abuse.

Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationships: Eight Tactics

When sex in a couple is not exactly violent, but not entirely voluntary, either. Sexual coercion refers to using nonviolent means to pressure an unwilling partner to comply with sex. Forcibly holding someone down is not coercion—that’s assault or rape, depending on the acts. But manipulating or intimidating another person into a sexual act that they did not want to perform—that’s coercion. researchers say there are eight basic ways people coerce partners into unwanted sex:

Four indictments for "rape": the case that shakes French porn

Four porn actors have been indicted, revealing rape and ill-treatment inflicted on women in the porn industry. The case, which affects content providers, also sheds harsh light on the practices of their partners, Dorcel and Jacquie & Michel, leaders in the sector in France. The investigation is still not over and it could deal a serious blow to pornographic production in France. Friday, October 22, four new people were indicted on the charge of rape as part of the investigation targeting porn producers Pascal Ollitrault and Mathieu Lauret. Respectively known under the pseudonyms of "Pascal OP" and "Mat Hadix", they had been placed in pre-trial detention at the end of 2020 for acts of "rape", "aggravated pimping" and "trafficking in aggravated human beings". This time, however, it was not the organizers of the scenes who were indicted, but the participants. In this case four actors, at least two of whom are among the handful of recurring performers on the small French circuit.

Jacquie and Michel: “They messed me up! They imposed things on me that I didn't want! »

TESTIMONY While the Paris prosecutor's office opened an investigation for "rape" and "pimping", Karima tells how she was traumatized by a shooting for Jacquie and Michel. Recently, Karima* moved. It has become a habit in recent years. Blame it on the people who recognize her on the street. By crossing her, some congratulate her with a mocking eye. But most insult him. Even spit on him. Blame it on that damn pornographic video that keeps popping up on the Internet. "She disappears in one place to better reappear elsewhere," she says. Right now, I'm on about ten sites. And I can't do anything..."

France: The New Digital Law is Adopted

A reinforcement of the enforcement powers of the CNIL. The French privacy watchdog’s fining power increase from 150.000 euros to 3 million euros, an intermediary step before the entry into force of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, which regulation will empower it to impose fines of up to 20 million euros (or, as it applies to corporations, 4% of their worldwide annual turnover). An easier sanctioning of revenge porn. Under the new law revenge porn may be sanctioned by 2 years of imprisonment and a 60.000 euro fine.

France diplomacy: France and the fight against human trafficking

"Combatting human trafficking is one of France’s priorities for protecting and promoting human rights and fighting against organized crime." This article includes what France says it does against human trafficking. But what about all the victims of sex trafficking and exploitation in the sex/porn industry? It seems to me like a lot of big words, while french organisations have exploited women in the industry for decades. Feels more like a don't ask, don't tell situation.

International law defines prostitution as a human rights violation

Submission of the Scelles Foundation in the consultation of opinion on the approach of UN Women concerning the sexual work, the sex trade and prostitution. Question 1) The 2030 Agenda commits to universality, human rights and leaving nobody behind. How do you interpret these principles in relation to sex work/trade or prostitution? International law defines prostitution as a human rights violation, a fact which the Scelles Foundation is in accordance with. Prostitution is incompatible with human dignity and human rights. Universal Human rights cannot be achieved unless this common understanding is respected and upheld. - Prostitution is indeed incompatible with articles 3 and 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) which states that “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person” and “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”...

Puy-de-Dôme: A woman files a complaint against the Jacquie et Michel site after a filming, for violation of image rights

27-5-22 "At the time, I did not take the magnitude of what was happening to my image" “The video was sold to sites and was viewable on 70 paying sites. At the time, I did not take the magnitude of what was happening to my image, of what my entity could represent, ”she says in the regional daily. She is now claiming compensation. "I do not deny the video, I do not accuse anyone of rape, I was not under duress of anything", she underlines, but, faced with the millions of views, this "former escort girl", wants to denounce, through the voice of his lawyer, "the excesses of the pornography industry". "My client's image has been used and widely exploited for exclusively commercial purposes and this, without authorization, is a violation of image rights", summarizes his counsel, Me Jean-Hubert Portejoie. (Original French article:

I’m a Survivor, and I Will Never Support LELO Again

It is absolutely deplorable and unacceptable for a sexual wellness company to partner with a known abuser. It is clear to me that this decision was purely motivated by shock value and publicity, without any concern for their customers or the educators, reviewers, or stores that work with them. What about someone with a history of domestic violence screams “Yeah! We really love our customers and we want them to be comfortable endorsing and buying our products! We are REALLY committed to sexual freedom!”? (Hint: nothing.) Furthermore, as Kitty Stryker points out on Twitter, Sheen also has a history of whorephobia, and she hoped to hear more from folks in ethical porn denouncing LELO’s decision. This was LELO’s response: “Our commitment to feminist porn is absolutely unchanged. It means a lot to us.” What about putting an abuser as your campaign’s spokesperson is feminist AT ALL? (Hint: nothing.)

Charlie Sheen’s LELO Condoms Get the Shaft From Sex Workers, Feminist Bloggers

A Swedish sex toy company once beloved by feminists is trumpeting Charlie Sheen as its new condom spokesman—and pissing off customers who point to the actor’s history of abusing women. - Jezebel has compiled a list of other claims against Sheen: allegations of abuse from ex-wife Denise Richards, a temporary restraining order from Mueller in 2011, claims of abuse from adult film star Capri Anderson. Sheen has also insulted women who work in the sex industry—and recently, too. When he came out as HIV-positive last year, he actively stigmatized the sex workers he once hired, calling them “unsavory and insipid types” with “saltless reputations.”

OnlyFans: A paradise for pimps and predators

3-6-2022: OnlyFans, a subscription-based platform known for pornography, has been placed on NCOSE’S Dirty Dozen List for the past two years due to the egregious sexual exploitation that lies at the foundation of its business model. NCOSE—along with numerous survivors, whistleblowers, police, and investigative journalists—has been sounding the alarm on the criminal activity that hides behind OnlyFans’ paywall which includes child sexual abuse material and recorded sex trafficking. NCOSE is also deeply concerned about the extent to which OnlyFans has normalized and glamorized the commercial sex industry, enticing both children and adults with deceptive promises of fast cash and fame.

About Stichting Stop online shaming

Stop Online Shaming believes that online privacy breaches and related online unlawful statements should be resolved quickly and effectively. The position of victims must be improved. For instance: unlawful online expressions such as revenge porn, shame sexting, cyberbullying, hate or hurtful content directed at individual victims and related identity theft and fake expressions such as deep fake and deepnudes. Online shaming can have major consequences. Such as: laughter and harassment, damage to reputation, problems in the private sphere, social isolation, loss of work, fears and depression. In extreme cases it has even led to suicide. An additional problem is that the victims themselves are often blamed for what happened to them (also known as victim blaming). Info: e-mail:

Over Helpwanted, advies bij online seksueel misbruik is onderdeel van het Expertisebureau Online Kindermisbruik (EOKM). Het EOKM is een onafhankelijke stichting die zich inzet voor de veiligheid van alle kinderen. is een website over online seksueel misbruik. Je kunt bij ons terecht voor advies als je te maken hebt (gehad) met online seksueel misbruik. Je vindt hier ook informatie over wat het is, hoe je het kunt voorkomen en wat je kunt doen wanneer het je is overkomen. Ook kun je met ons chatten.

Pornosite moet van rechter toestemming vragen aan mensen op amateurbeelden

16-2-22 SOS en spreken van "een overwinning voor de rechten van slachtoffers waarvan deze naaktbeelden ongewenst werden gepubliceerd". Volgens de organisaties heeft de uitspraak gevolgen voor alle websites die seksuele beelden commercieel exploiteren. "Nu vast is komen te staan dat niet-professionele naaktbeelden alleen geopenbaard mogen worden indien hiervoor toestemming is gegeven door degenen die in beeld komen, zijn de meeste pornowebsites direct in overtreding", zegt Willem van Lynden, bestuurslid van SOS. "Wij zullen dan ook niet schromen om door te pakken en de grote, wereldwijde pornowebsites aan te spreken op hun onrechtmatig handelen en aanpassing van hun werkwijze te eisen."

“Graphic Sexual Horror” -

the documentary shows that women’s boundaries and safe-words are not respected, with women ridiculed for using their safe-words, and put under pressure not to use them by being threatened with no more work. The documentary also shows that women are in BDSM porn out of financial desperation (often linked to drug addiction), not because BDSM is a ‘life style’ choice for them, and that the pornographer had little concern for the well-being, safety and even lives of the women he used. Also of note is that several of the men who worked with this pornographer, now work for, which is held up by sex industry advocates as being a good work environment, despite claims to the contrary, and a recent change in employment agreements that has made it more financially exploitative.

What's Going On At, the Studio at the Center of the James Deen Allegations?

Known for its sex-positive, feminist sensibility and emphasis on consent, Kink promptly ended its relationship with Deen following the accusations, saying in a statement that "our performers deserve not only safe sets, but the ability to work without fear of assault." But a number of performers and members of the adult film industry tell a different story about the studio's record of pushing workers to beyond their limits and turning a blind eye to their safety, whether during scenes or within its sprawling space in the San Francisco Armory.

The XVideos Class Action Lawsuit, Explained

WebGroup Czech Republic (WGCZ), the shadowy corporate entity behind XVideos (the world’s most frequently visited pornography website with over 3 billion monthly visits), has been hit with a class action lawsuit brought by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center and an accomplished assembly of survivor-focused and commercial litigation law firms, on behalf of child sex trafficking survivors. Videos and images of these survivors—child sexual abuse material—were distributed via and monetized on multiple WGCZ products, including but not limited to XVideos. Here’s what you need to know about the lawsuit against WGCZ and XVideos as well as information on how you can help hold them accountable for facilitating these crimes.

Czech Republic Police Raid CzechCasting Offices, Arrest 10

PRAGUE—Ten people were arrested on Monday as the nation’s largest adult producer was raided by Czech Republic police. The bust at CzechCasting’s offices and 13 other locations was conducted by 50 officers from the government’s National Central Office Against Organized Crime (NCOZ) under the code name "LENS." The 10 held, according to police, posed as modeling agents but manipulated women into shooting adult scenes that were posted online. Human trafficking, sexual coercion and rape charges were later filed against CzechCasting owner Martin Stiborek and the others. Stiborek operates numerous other adult sites and brands, including affiliate program CzechCash, under the Netlook s.r.o. label. If found guilty, Stiborek and others face 12 years in prison, police said.

The Porn Industry Has Proven Itself Incapable of Verifying Consent

Over the last year, the most mainstream and "legitimate" pornography website in the world, Pornhub, was revealed to be infested with sex trafficking, child sexual abuse, rape and non-consensually shared pornography. But if this mega-corporation with some of the highest profits in the industry can't keep non-consensual material off its platform, can any pornography site? The first survivor of Pornhub's sexual exploitation whose voice received international attention was Rose Kalemba. Her harrowing experience of brutal sexual assault at age 14 was uploaded to Pornhub—where it remained despite her telling the company she was underage and being raped in the video. This theme of survivors asking Pornhub, which was profiting from their exploitation, to remove sexual assault videos—often without success—is ubiquitous. The New York Times profiled several other survivors of similar abuse, noting the lifelong trauma victims experience knowing their abuse videos live on and can resurface at any time. The rape never really ends, and Pornhub profits from it. As one survivor stated, "Pornhub became my trafficker."


Traffickinghub is a decentralized global movement of individuals, survivors, organizations and advocates from across a broad spectrum of political, faith and non-faith, economic, and ideological backgrounds, all uniting together for the single purpose of shutting down Pornhub and holding its executives accountable for enabling, distributing and profiting from rape, child abuse, sex trafficking and criminal image based sexual abuse.

Performers are sometimes forced or coerced during the production of mainstream pornography.

The United Nations defines human trafficking in Article 3, paragraph (a) of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons as: The recruitment … by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion,… of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services… According to this definition, many performers in pornography are sex trafficked. Fraud, deception, threat or use of force, coercion, and abuse of power or vulnerability frequently takes place during the filming of these performers. The fact that many are underage when they begin doing porn, even if they claim to be consenting, is still sex trafficking. Performers may enter willingly into the business with the promises of fame and fortune, but they face a harsh reality once they’re in. Most porn users do not realize the harsh working conditions and abuse endured by the performers for the viewer’s fleeting enjoyment..

Jacquie and Michel: a former politician who became a porn actor at the heart of the scandal

28-6-22 In the hotel room, things escalate very quickly. Corinne, seeing that Bastien did not arrive, decides to leave the room . She didn't want to stay with the two unknown men. In order to prevent him from fleeing, Michel Piron would then have hit her . Subsequently, Corinne therefore stayed the night in the room, for fear of leaving the premises . The next day, Michel Piron and Rick Angel reportedly posted a video of her on the porn site . “ My brother called Michel Piron to tell him that I had lost everything because of him, that I had suicidal thoughts ,” she revealed in the French media. Corinne would not have received any payment for this filming, her colleagues would even have recognized her on the site and she would have ended up losing custody of her children . In these terrible accusations, we seem to know one of the kidnappers: Michel Piron, director of Jacquie et Michel. On the other hand, we did not know the one who was called Rick Angel . Know that Rick Angel would be the stage name of a former political adviser , turned porn actor. He would have served as a ministerial adviser under Nicolas Sarkozy . He would have started his career in pornography while he was still in politics. Finally, he would have left the middle to devote himself to his acting career in 2009.

“Fellatios for 5 hours”: the victims of Jacquie and Michel testify

28-6-22 The trap will then quickly close on Corinne. On May 18, 2013, still according to the newspaper, she has an appointment in Paris with her boyfriend who promises her “a surprise”. On the platform of Montparnasse station, Michel Piron is waiting for him with Rick Angel, former technical adviser to the Ministry of the Interior at the time of Michèle Alliot-Marie, who has become a porn producer . They go to a hotel and the young woman finds herself surrounded by erect naked men. Bastien will never come . They will inflict anal and vaginal penetrations on her, whip her and ejaculate together on her face, asking her to say the following “cult” phrase: “Thank you Jacquie and Michel”.

Jacquie and Michel: A former ministerial adviser who became a porn actor, involved in a dark affair

Presented as a human-sized business of amateur porn under the sign of good humor, another face of Jacquie and Michel is revealed in this month of June. The details of the charges revealed by Le Parisien paint a very bleak picture of Michel Piron's success story. In Le Monde , the stories are also shocking. Some plaintiffs have delivered their experience, far from consented debauchery. Corinne's story is one of them and involves a former UMP adviser who was under the tutelage of Michèle Alliot-Marie, known as Rick Angel...

French porn case: 4 “actors” indicted for rape, the end of impunity!

Four "actors" of pornographic videos are indicted for rape in the French Bukkake case: this is a historic first in France. After the indictment of two producers (including one, Matthieu Lauret, whose films were broadcast on DorcelVision and Jacques et Michel) in October 2020 for aggravated rape and pimping and human trafficking, these indictments constitute a fundamental step towards the end of impunity for the entire criminal porn industry. We salute the strength of the victims of pornocriminal violence, whose courageous speaking out will contribute to undermining this zone of lawlessness.

Jacquie and Michel case: Dare feminism! asks for the removal of the videos on the site and the closure of the television channel

"Jacquie and Michel must stop their broadcasts" which show "videos of rape, crime scenes", denounces Céline Piques, spokesperson for Dare feminism!, Saturday June 18 on franceinfo. She calls on the institutions "and in particular the Arcom" to react and "to close the television channel Jacquie et Michel" on Canal+ after the indictment and placement under judicial supervision of the owner of the pornographic site , Michel Piron, for complicity in organized gang rape and human trafficking. Céline Piques regrets what she calls the "enormous error" of the judge of freedoms who let Michel Piron come out free from the court, when the prosecution had requested his placement in pre-trial detention. “I say loud and clear that he should have been remanded in custody because he will hinder the investigation”

Jacquie and Michel affair: "It has to stop", Nikita Bellucci denounces the abuses of the porn world

15/06/22 I worked for Jacquie and Michel in 2012. (...) This famous cameraman, on the sidelines of a fair, served alcohol, and once everyone was a little tipsy, turned on the camera . Right in the middle of this scene, the director performed a sex act on me. "What we are concretely asking Jacquie and Michel for are apologies. (...) All this model that they have put in place is no longer possible. They are in police custody, but there are there are others who continue to work. And there are others who continue to do this kind of thing. The work of justice is going to be very long, but it has to stop, "concludes the actress.

French Press Publishes Allegations Against Jacquie et Michel's Owner

29-6-2022 The article retells the allegations of four women, whom they only identify by pseudonyms. “Corinne” is described as an account assistant from the South of France who says she had agreed to take part in a shoot in 2013 in Paris with a man she had met online and was dating. “Corinne” alleges that she had only agreed to participate in “traditional” sex with her boyfriend but when she arrived to Paris she was taken to a hotel and made to perform an anal-vaginal gangbang with strangers. “Jessica” is described as a girl with an extremely troubled background, who says that she had signed up to shoot porn for a website and then ended up with a producer who said he worked for Jacquie et Michel, offered her MDMA and shot her in a variety of sex acts. Then she said she became a recruiter for Jacquie and Michel but now regrets it and says she was coerced into the sex and into her role as a “pimp.”

Here Are the Biggest Cases of Trafficking in Porn

“Some men who watch porn want to believe that all porn is consensual, but that is just a fantasy. In my experience, free will on a porn set is usually an illusion created so we will be blamed or so we will blame ourselves.” – Jewell, survivor who was trafficked in porn at 14 Trafficking isn’t an anomaly in the porn industry, it’s widespread. It happens at the highest levels, drawing millions of views, lining the pockets of porn industry stakeholders. According to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, sex trafficking is a commercial sex act induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or when the person induced to perform such an act is under 18. By this definition, trafficking is common in the porn industry at large and, sadly, much of it goes unreported.

34 women sue Pornhub in sex abuse video, trafficking case

Nearly three dozen women have filed a lawsuit in California against adult video website Pornhub, accusing it and its parent company of knowingly profiting from footage depicting rape and sexual exploitation, including of minors. Lawyers representing the 34 plaintiffs accuse the online giant -- one of the world's largest adult video websites -- of creating a teeming marketplace for child pornography and "every other form" of nonconsensual sexual content, and want the company to pay damages. They accuse MindGeek, the controversial adult entertainment empire that runs Pornhub, of being a "classic criminal enterprise" with a business model based on exploiting non-consensual sexual content.

Complicity in rape: Canal + suspends the broadcast of the channel "Jacquie et Michel"

20-6-22 A decision which comes after the indictment for complicity in rape of the owner of the site of the same name. MEDIA – Canal+ has suspended the broadcasting of the porn channel Jacquie et Michel TV on its bouquets after the indictment for complicity in rape on Friday of the owner of the site of the same name, the group announced on Monday June 20. “Given the current events concerning the group publishing the Jacquie et Michel TV channel and while awaiting additional information, the Canal+ group has decided to suspend its broadcast,” said the latter in a press release.

"I was petrified": the story of a woman explaining that she had been raped on the set of "Jacquie et Michel"

INVESTIGATION – Trapped by a tout met online, Isabelle * says she was raped in 2013 in a hotel room in Paris in the presence of Michel Piron. This testimony calls into question the defense of the founder of the pornographic site, who claims to only intervene as a broadcaster. It is a capital testimony in the investigation which targets Michel Piron, the founder of the site “Jacquie and Michel” indicted Friday June 17 for complicity in rape and trafficking in human beings in an organized gang.

Understand everything about the survey on the “Jacquie et Michel” porn site

The owner of the "Jacquie et Michel" site was placed in police custody on Tuesday in the investigation opened in July 2020 in Paris for "rape and pimping" The owner of the “Jacquie et Michel” site, Michel Piron, and four other people were placed in police custody on Tuesday in the investigation opened in July 2020 in Paris for “rape and pimping”. — 20 Minutes (@20Minutes) January 24, 2022

A French pornography site investigated for organised pimping and rape

Like PornHub and all other so-called “pornography” sites, Jacquie et Michel business model is based on exploiting girls and women, who are filmed being assaulted, abused, and raped. It is an industry synonymous with human trafficking, which monetises pedocriminality and rape, and normalises and incites violence against girls and women... - By Fabienne El-khoury @fabienne_ek

Porn and Human Trafficking: The Facts You Need to Know

When it comes to sex trafficking, many people know that it can happen in the prostitution industry. But how are porn and human trafficking related?... - By Taylor TennisAugust 26, 2021

Hot girls wanted

Directed by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, Hot Girls Wanted is a 2015 documentary that explores the world of Florida’s amateur porn and sheds light on how it exploits young women at a very early age.

This Woman Says Authorities Doubted Her Sexual Assault Claim Because She Does Porn

“Why am I fighting this hard to prove that I was physically/sexually abused when it's on film?” When the #MeToo reckonings started in October, it had been almost 10 months since Nikki Benz wrote on Twitter that she had been sexually assaulted on a porn set. It had been nine months since her alleged assailants sued her for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress; the men filed the ongoing lawsuit Jan. 11, 2017, the same day that she reported the attack to Los Angeles police.

Not of my own free will

Whatever your situation, nobody has the right to force you to do sex work. Nor has anybody got the right to demand the money you earn doing sex work. It is important for you to know that there is a solution. P&G292 can help you find it. This article includes phonenumbers of authorities, helplines and social workers.

when something bad happens to you

You may have difficulty forgetting the bad things that have happened to you, however hard you try. You may have things in your past or something which recently happened, that you want to forget. In your private life or at work. Maybe a client crossed your boundaries or you may have been witness to something awful happening.

report malpractice or abuse

Those who work in sex trade are more likely to be exploited, trafficked, and victims of assault. Sex work can include more than prostitution alone, like pornography, adult modeling, camming and so on. On this page you can find the contact information of Heleen of P&G292. She is the first contact for anybody who wants to report (anonymously) malpractice, poor working conditions, trafficking, force, complaints about business owners, city council, police, supervisors, etc.

labor rights for flex workers in the netherlands

Although this is an article about flex workers rights, it contains very important information for sex workers because they are more vunerable of becoming victims of sex trafficking and abuse. is collaborating with the Free Union (Vrije Bond).

Porn: hot shot for Dorcel and "Jacquie and Michel" auditioned in the Senate

The French porn affair” or “French bukkake” led to a Senate fact-finding mission on the abuses of the pornographic industry. This Wednesday, the two largest French producers, Dorcel and Jacquie and Michel were put in difficulty by the questions of the senators. With the hearing of Gregory Dorcel, president of the eponymous group and that of Vincent Gey representative of the Ares group (Jacquie & Michel), the Senate's fact-finding mission got into the hard part.

40 victims of the 'Girls Do Porn' sex-trafficking operation are suing Pornhub's parent company for $40 million, alleging it knowingly profited from illegal videos

Pornhub was hit with a $40 million lawsuit from sex-trafficking victims the day after it said it had started deleting millions of videos from its platform, Vice reported. The suit was filed by 40 women who were victims of a sex-trafficking ring known as "Girls Do Porn." The website for Girls Do Porn was shut down by the FBI in 2019 after a civil court ruled the owners were guilty of coercing women into having sex in its videos, as well lying about whether those videos would be shared online. The women filed the suit on Tuesday against MindGeek, Pornhub's parent company, alleging that it hosted Girls Do Porn videos in the knowledge of the company's illegal practices..