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I am an ex-porn “performer”, an ex-kink “model” and an ex-“sex worker” who used the stage name Arienh Autumn. 

Let me debunk some information written about me by porn producers who are mainly interested in making you pay them for “their” images and videos:

I AM NOT a submissive, nor am I a slave or bimbo. I am not owned by anyone – even though all porn producers claim that I am owned by them.. (that wouldn’t even be possible).

I AM NOT a teen, nor in my twenties, though producers claim that I am.

I AM a woman who has been repeatedly abused as a child and adolescent. Who, as a result became vulnerable to being exploited by “Daddies”, pimps and producers in the adult industry. 

Since I’ve claimed back the rights to my web domain I use as a platform to share articles about the damage that the adult industry does, the kink scene included. I’m using these articles as a voice until I am ready to write from my own experiences.